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Nuremberg, Germany

This was the first "big" trip we planned.  It took me about 9 months to put it together.  I didn't use a travel agent so it was basically, Tripadvisor, Orbitz, RailEurope, Trenitalia, The Man in Seat 61, and Google who helped me out.

Let me start by saying that it was possibly the best trip we have taken as a family.  I think it may have been due to the "kindergarten effect"- meaning everything was new and exciting to the kids.  It was unchartered territory for us. But we were prepared!

Six months before we left we instituted Friday night tapas with a movie.  I looked up all the fun movies that were filmed in the locations we were going to visit.  I wanted them to get a visual idea of where we were going.  The caveat was that, before the fun movie, we had a 10 minute slide show or documentary about one of the locations or works of art on our itinerary. They resisted but I persisted!!!


Travel Inspiration:  Our first "Big Trip"

Traveling adds a new dimension to kids lives.  It opens up their mind and makes them curious about the world.

We have survived over a dozen trips together!  We have laughed and cried, gotten lost and had tons of fun in the process! It has made our family stronger and our children adventurous.  Nothing gives us more pleasure than discovering the world through their eyes.  I am already planning our next adventure!

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