Travel Inspiration for Families

Thinking about traveling with the kids and don't know where to start?

Let us inspire you!!!

Many of our friends have asked us how we do it so we finally decided to summarize it online.  There are many websites out there with tons of general information.  The internet is a great place to start but it can quickly become daunting as you sift through information trying to find what is relevant to you.

This is how our family of 5 does it.  Here you will find specific information on what worked and what didn't.  We review where we stayed and what we did and tell you how much fun we had- or didn't!

Traveling adds a new dimension to kids lives.  It opens up their mind and makes them curious about the world. With the right approach and some planning it can be a fun, rewarding and an unforgetable experience for all!

We have survived over a dozen trips together!  We have laughed and cried, we  now understand why some species eat their young and why 18 year olds move out! It has made our family stronger and our children adventurous.  Nothing gives us more pleasure than discovering the world through their eyes.  This is a gift to ourselves and an investment in their future!  It is not that complicated, and if can we do it, so can you!

'The World is a book and those who don't travel read only a page"

-Saint Agustine

"Mom!! Either my shoes are too small or my feet fell off because I CAN'T FEEL THEM!!

- Child #3, age 7, London, after 8 hrs of walking

Panama Canal, Summer 2012

Paris, Summer 2011

Stonehenge, Spring 2010


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Travel inspiration in pictures!- Geneva

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