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Salzburg, Austria

Favourite Memory: Turned a corner and ran into a clasical music concert on the street.

In a nutshell: A city full of culture and old world charm, winding streets, music and shopping. The kids loved the small winding streets full of shops, street performers and cafes.

View of the Hohensalzburg Fortress and the old town.

Shops still use the old style guild signs outside their doors. Even today they are the product of skilful craftsmanship.

Establishments like the Sternbrau have been serving customers for more than 400 years. Mozart is said to have been a guest here several times.

Getreidegasse is Salzburg's most famous shopping street. You can find anything from leather and paper goods to jewlery, parfumes and the latest fashions.

The outdoor markets are charming and brimming with curiosities. This one was right next to a cafe we were sitting at.

Salzburg is know for music, and no trip is complete without visiting Mozart's birth house. It is a short museum visit, interesting and well done.

St Peter Stiftskeller is the oldest continuously running restaurant in the world. Founded in 803 and still in operation today.

The meal was nothing out of the ordinary, but the place did feel steeped in history!

Visit the Mirabell gardens and then walk over the Makartsteg, a modern pedestrian bridge, and lock your love! And if you are a Sound of Music fan, reserve a day and take the tour.

Don't forget to have dessert at the Sacher Hotel, home of the Sacher Torte which has been the most famous chocolate cake in the world since 1832!

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